About ADOS Houston


ADOS Houston was founded in 2019 to localize the nationwide push for reparations and a black agenda.  We are actively working to advance the issues that are important for ADOS in Houston.  We are engaging our local political office holders and challenging them to adopt policies and action plans that specifically benefit ADOS in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Mission & Goals:

Houston, Texas and surrounding areas:  Increase in SBA loans for ADOS. Enforcement of job quotas to ensure ADOS workforce representation based on our percentage of the population.  End to discriminatory hiring practices in ALL industries.  End to racial based redlining and property devaluation.  Insure fair treatment and meaningful involvement of ADOS communities with respect to the development, implementation, protection and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies. Obtain affordable housing & rent control for ADOS; guaranteed assistance for the 40% of homeless ADOS people in the city. Election of ADOS endorsed candidates to Municipal, City, State, and Federal offices. 


National:  The adoption of a black agenda that  includes reparations in the form of a large cash payment to American Descendants of Slavery, as well as large-scale initiatives targeted at this specific group. Policy items should include—but should not be limited to—debt free college, home ownership assistance, business financing support, fully endowing all historically black colleges (and incentivizing those schools to admit descendants of American slavery), guaranteed government contracts for black businesses, and free medical care.

As a specific group with a specific justice claim, the #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.


ADOS Vision

To make American Descendants of Slavery whole by advocating for the necessity of recompense for the wide-ranging damages done to black America throughout our nation’s history--beginning with slavery, and encompassing 400 years of accrued disadvantage which reaches right up to the present. To push the US to atone for its original sin by recognizing and honoring our justice claim.  To position ADOS no longer as a bottom caste, slated to eat the failure for everyone, but instead ensure  full citizenship in this nation and to guarantee all of the benefits and advantages that goes with it.

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